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What does a Duplex scan Involve?

A Duplex scan is the name given for an ultrasound test that allows doctors to look at the flow of blood within arteries and veins.

A duplex scan is performed by a Vascular Technologist, A Radiologist or a Vascular Specialist.

There are various sizes of scanner from small portable systems to very large ones the size of a refrigerator.

When you have a duplex scan of the leg, you will need to have your legs exposed but you do not have to remove your underwear. Some cool jelly will then be put on your leg as you lie on a couch.

A transducer or ultrasound probe will then be moved up and down your leg by the techologist or doctor. As they do this, they will be looking at the images produced on a screen.

The whole process takes about 15 to 30 minutes per leg.

There are no needles and it does not hurt. The jelly is wiped off at the end of the test. Any left over jelly can be easily washed off when you get home.

The information obtained from the duplex scan will be used to map how blood flows in your arteries and or veins.