Spire Hospital, Tollerton, Nottingham

The Spire Hospital in Nottingham is where Mr Braithwaite consults with people who want advice about their Varicose Veins and arterial problems . The Spire is one of the preferred sites for patients who wish to have their operation done under General Anaesthesia. It is ideal for patients who live on the South Side of the river Trent.

The Spire Hospital has some of the most modern facilities for treating people with arterial problems and aortic aneurysms. It is the preferred site for Mr Braithwaite and his colleagues in interventional radiology to perform Angioplasty procedures and endovascular aortic aneurysm repairs.

The Spire Hospital provides dedicated consulting, clinical, General and Local anaesthetic theatre facilities. 

The Hospital is just Ten minutes from the centre of Nottingham and 25 minutes from Leicester. There is car parking available in the Hospital’s large carpark.

Mr Braithwaite’s Clinic appointments are normally on Tuesday or Friday and can be made by calling 0115 937 7801 

If the clinic dates are not convenient you can book online at other venues by clicking on the links below:

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